Wondering Wall: Twitter Etiquette

October 9, 2013 Wondering Wall 5 Comments

Wondering Wall: Twitter Etiquette

I started my Twitter adventure a month ago and I’ve had a few things happen that I’m genuinely curious about. Twitter is like this alien land for me which I am only just starting to get to grips with. If you are a tweeter, please help a fairly clueless soul out and give me some advice because, let’s face it, I need it. Today’s Wondering Wall is:

Twitter Etiquette


1. How many tweets a day or hour is appropriate? Is there a point when it moves from interesting to spam?

2. I’ve had a number of people follow me and then by the time I’ve noticed and go to check them out, they’ve un-followed me. Is this drive-by following normal?

3. What do you think of people who are following a significant number of people but only have a few people following them back? Does it make you think twice about following them back? I figure there would be some disparity as lots of bloggers follow publishing houses.

4. I’ve noticed some people tweeting the same thing over and over and over again (usually every hour). Do people really buy into this sort of thing or does it irritate you?

5. Do you just start following someone on twitter or do you build up a relationship with them first on their blog?

So there you have it folks, 5 things that have been bugging me all week. Please do take a moment to answer one or more – I can’t offer you a cookie but I can send you a virtual smile 🙂


5 responses to “Wondering Wall: Twitter Etiquette

  1. #2 is one that definitely irritates me. I find Twitter is handy for keeping up with the publishing world and bookish events so I try to follow people in that category but there are always people that follow me for the sake of getting a follow back (self-published authors, fan accounts, spam accounts etc). I like to follow people whose tweets I’m interested in, and if they follow me back that’s great, but I’m not going to remove someone simply because they don’t reciprocate.I think you can tell the people who do follow and follow back as they’ll have 10,000+ followers but they’ll also be following 10,000+ people. To wrap up what is turning out to be a very long comment, there are people who do this but not everyone does and IMO you should follow people whose tweets you are interested in reading. And also, it would irritate me if someone tweeted the same thing every hour (and more times than not, it’s something along the lines of “buy my book on amazon for only 99 cents today”). Welcome to twitter and I hope you enjoy using it. 🙂
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    • One big plus is that I’m checking out far more blog posts on sites I didn’t even know existed because of links which is great. I’m got a couple of tweets back from authors which gave me the warm & fuzzies but it’s still a whole ‘nother world to wrap my head around.

  2. I have no idea the “right” answer to any of your questions, since twitter remains a mystery to me. I actually just finished working on a post a bit ago for my Fun Question this upcoming Saturday that asks some semi similar questions. I do think some people spam hard core on twitter – for me it’s not about the number of posts an hour, but the content of those posts. If every tweet is only a referral to their blog or to buy their book – that’s spam to me. But if people are tweeting about other posts, general comments, book purchases/deals, etc then as far as I concerned they can post over and over and it’s not spam for me.
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