Top Ten Tuesday: Things on My Reading Wishlist

January 22, 2014 Top Ten Tuesday 4 Comments

Top Ten Tuesday: Things on My Reading Wishlist

Top Ten Tuesday is an original meme created by The Broke and the Bookish for list addicts. The only catch (and it’s a biggie) is that you are supposed to stick to ten things. This week’s list is…

Top Ten Things on My Reading Wishlist

 I’m not really sure where to start with this one as there are so many little things that bug me and others that I would love to see more of. Mostly, there are books that I would love to see more of as the authors have nailed characterisation, plot, setting, themes and style. I was going to put down more Lord Peter Whimsey books by Dorothy L. Sayers but since she’s been dead for 57 years that isn’t too likely. Instead I tried to put down things on my wishlist that could legitimately occur…maybe.

1. No TSTL heroines
If there is a creepy noise outside, don’t investigate it yourself. Definitely refrain from saying ‘I’ll be right back’ as you probably won’t. If you think you have killed someone make sure you double check that they really are dead. Avoid the woods at night, attics, basements. If someone with a lot of experience tells you to do something, don’t whine or get angry – just do it. Simple really.

2. Fairytale retellings
I really love a good Cinderella or Beauty & the Beast retelling. Kate SeRine’s Transplanted Tales would have to be my absolute favourite series in this genre. She made Little Red Riding Hood kick-ass and she rehabilitated the Big Bad Wolf. What more could you want?

3. Books from the point of view a villain rather than a hero
Often the villain is silenced so I’d like it if authors shook things up a little. I can’t think of that many books which do it well but the tv show Dexter would be an example. I’d even settle for a morally ambiguous person if I had to.

4. Non-predator shifters
We’ve had were-bears, were-wolves, were-tigers, were-lions and even were-cougars. I’d like to see something ridiculous like a were-hamster or were-meerkat and watch them try to negotiate life with all the stress or in the case of a were-hamster having a predilection for fast wheels.

5. Archaeological mysteries
Funnily enough there aren’t that many series out there. Elizabeth Peters’ Amelia Peabody series, Beverly Connor’s Lindsay Chamberlain series and the one by Lynn Hamilton are probably the best that I’ve read. I especially like it when the archaeologist finds an artefact and then we have a chapter from the point of view of the person who owned it. 

6. More mysteries set in history
There are already quite a few books set in the Middle Ages, Rome and the Victorian era. I wish this was expanded to include different regions of the world and different time periods.

7. More cultural and social diversity
With so many rich cultures out there and people from all walks of life, it seems a shame to focus on such a small group.

8. Ninjas
Pirates are cool and all but…ninjas for the win.

9. Less insta-love
Seriously, can I have the couple get to know each other for at least a dozen pages or more than five hours in book world time before they declare their undying love?

10. More books from a guy’s perspective
Women reign supreme in cozy mysteries and romances so I’d love it if an author gave the poor blokes a chance. It wouldn’t hurt to have them tongue-tied and nervous when it comes to trying to romance an Alpha female.


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