Top Ten Tuesday: Resolutions

January 8, 2014 Top Ten Tuesday 3 Comments

Top Ten Tuesday: Resolutions

Top Ten Tuesday is an original meme created by The Broke and the Bookish for list addicts. The only catch (and it’s a biggie) is that you are supposed to stick to ten things. This week’s list is…

Top Ten Resolutions (Bookish, Not Bookish or a Blend)

I’ve already made a huge decision to take a year off my masters degree because I’ve only really enjoyed one course out of four. Even though I’m getting really good grades, I’m doing this for fun and to keep going the way I am is pretty stupid and very expensive. I’ll take some time off, see if I miss it and if I do, maybe I’ll change degrees. So what else is on the horizon?


1. Procrastinate less
Hello, my name is Vilia and I am a procrastinator. I have an awful lot of practice at it and I tend to leave things to the very last minute. Don’t believe me? This post is being written on Wednesday not Tuesday because I am lazy and couldn’t come up with 10 things.

2. Walk away from books I am not really enjoying
I keep telling myself that there might be something redeeming somewhere in the book so if I continue to slog my way through it there may be a pay-off of some sorts. There often isn’t so I need to cut my losses and move on.

3. Read more books on my TBR pile
I have 96 books on my list and even though some haven’t been released yet, an awful lot have. I need to read the books or take them off my list…to make room for even more 🙂

4. Read outside my comfort zone
Yep, I’m actually going to start reading a little more YA and NA fiction. Dun, dun DUH!

5. Complete my NetGalley backlog
I’ve read all the books in my backlog but just need to write the reviews. I have to resist the urge to request new ones while the old ones are still sitting there.

Not Bookish

6. Maintain rate of exercising
I’m doing about 6-7 hours of exercise a week which isn’t bad but it is fairly easy to do at the moment as I’m still on holiday. The real challenge is maintaining it when I’m back at work and busy with deadlines. 

7. Spend more time with friends and family
My parents only live an hour away and my friends in Queensland are only four and a half hours up north which isn’t that far. I plan on dropping in more frequently.

8. Cook more consistently
I want to get into cooking proper meals rather than quick ones just for convenience sake. I bought a new oven last year as my old one was really dodgy so I’ve got the equipment now to start experimenting.

9. Get crafty (again)
I used to quilt a few years ago but haven’t done anything really crafty for some years. I’d like to get back into that or even try jewellery making as there is a distinct pleasure in making something purely for aesthetic reasons.

10. Learn to say ‘no’
I’m pretty dodgy at this when it comes to work and I find myself doing things that others don’t want to because I don’t have the heart to say ‘no’. No more. I will get my stuff done first so I’m not overloaded.


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  1. Your first one made me lol. I’m a newly discovered procrastinator, so don’t feel too bad. And boy do I understand about your masters. I’m working to finish mine right now and there’s many days that I want to quit. If I weren’t getting paid, I probably would. Still might before my PhD is done. Good luck with the rest of your goals!
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    • Thank you! The masters definitely has to be a labour of love and mine is just a labour at the moment. If I didn’t have to cough up $800 per subject I might have been able to grit my teeth and keep going but I could seriously spend that money elsewhere.

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