Top Ten Tuesday: Making Blogging Easier

August 20, 2013 Top Ten Tuesday 12 Comments

Top Ten Tuesday: Making Blogging Easier

I wanted to get in on this meme for a little while as it looked really cool. Top Ten Tuesday is an original meme created by The Broke and the Bookish for list addicts. This week’s list is…

Top Ten Things That Make Your Life As A Book Blogger Easier



1.  Chocolate – surely this doesn’t need explaining

2.  Other bloggers – they make life as a reader easier and blogging more fun 😉

3.  My favourite indie bookshop – they put aside all my favourites and have heaps of good recommendations

4.  NetGalley – for all pre release goodies

5.  Credit card – for all my online purchases

6.  Goodreads – nuff said

7.  Parajunkee and Caffinated Book Reviewer Tips & Tricks sections – really helpful for a novice blogger like me

8.  eReader – I would have put it higher up but it has been loved nearly to death and keeps freezing

9.  Sites that maintain massive calendars of upcoming releases – I would miss far more stuff without them

10. Style sheet – I have created one with all the common HTML codes I use

11. Social media buttons – pretty and efficient (yeah, I know eleven isn’t part of ten but it’s still made up of binary numbers right?)


12 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Making Blogging Easier

    • Thank you. It works really well for memes where you want to link to your post or if you are an Amazon affiliate and want to add your tag to the end of urls.

    • I’m very lucky. I buy the guys handmade truffles from an indie chocolate shop a couple of times a year so they know just how I feel about them.

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