Top Ten Tuesday: Best/Worst Series Endings

October 9, 2013 Top Ten Tuesday 8 Comments

Top Ten Tuesday: Best/Worst Series Endings

Top Ten Tuesday is an original meme created by The Broke and the Bookish for list addicts. This week’s list is…

Top Ten Best/Worst Series Endings

This one is a little hard as so many of my favourite series are still going. Nevertheless I will do my best to soldier on. I’ve divided these up into five categories rather than just best/worst because I honestly couldn’t think of five I adored and five I hated. These are in no particular order under each category.

The Worst


1.  Parasol Protectorate series
Sadly lacking in plot. Unfortunately Alexia just tripped around checking in on everyone for the first half so the back end of the book was rushed. I was glad that Biffy and Lyall got closer.

 Dead Ever After

2.  Sookie Stackhouse series
No, just no. The clavicle cluviel dor thing in the 2nd last book just confirmed things were going to end on a whimper.

The Best

Silver on the Tree

1. The Dark is Rising series
I know this is old school but you just can’t beat quality.

Last Man Standing

2.  Black Ops Inc. series
We finally find out what happened to Bryan and Joe Green gets his HEA.

Didn’t Stick Around to Find Out


1. Jane True series
I read all the others so I probably should dig into the last but I just can’t muster up the energy.

The Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency

2. No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series
I’m afraid I checked out after the 10th book.

On My TBR Pile


1. Women of the Otherworld series
I really enjoyed this series and I’m afraid that if I pick up Thirteen, I’ll have to face the fact that it is actually over.

The Strangers on Montague Street

2. Tradd Street series
It isn’t that these are my favourite books but I’ve slogged through the first two books so I want to know what happens.

Hanging Out For

Up From the Grave

1. Night Huntress series
I don’t know what Frost has in store for us but I’m hoping it is epic.

The Book of Life placeholder

2. All Souls Trilogy series
Patiently waiting…and waiting…and waiting.


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    • I think I must have read the series at least a dozen times. I was fascinated by the take on the Arthurian legend. Thanks for stopping by.

    • The Parasol Protectorate was a really uneven series – fantastic highs and some really unfortunate lows. I wish it had gone out with a bang though rather than a whimper.

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