Feature & Follow: #167 Picture Books

September 20, 2013 Feature & Follow 32 Comments

Feature & Follow: #167 Picture Books

Feature & Follow is hosted by TWO hosts, Parajunkee of Parajunkee’s View and Alison of Alison Can Read. Each host will have their own Feature Blog and this way it’ll allow us to show off more new blogs! This week’s question is…

What were some of your favourite picture books as a kid?

My parents read two books to me a night until I got to the age where I thought I was big enough to read by myself and once a week we’d all troop off to the library and get a new selection. I’m obviously fairly hazy on this but I do remember my dad reading in different accents – he could switch from a merry Irishman to a dour Scot in a matter of moments. Often the accent had nothing to do with the contents of the book.


These aren’t quite picture books as there is a bit of text but the Stanley Bagshaw series by Bob Wilson was fabulous. It is essential to read it with a north-of-England so you get the rhyming right. Our Stanley would go on a series of adventures but always make it home in time for tea. My favourite in the series was Stanley Bagshaw and the Short-Sighted Football Trainer when he became a substitute goalie and helped Albion win against Hotspurs.

Possum Magic

One of Australia’s most famous picture book authors is Mem Fox. I loved her Possum Magic in which Grandma has made Hush invisible to protect her from dangers that lurk in the bush. Hush wants to see herself again so they travel around trying to find the food that will turn her back into her old self.

Wombat Stew

Another awesome Aussie books is Wombat Stew by Marcia Vaughn which is about a dingo that wants to make wombat stew. Lots of animals come up and tell him that he needs to add more ingredients (all of which will make the stew taste really nasty).

Mr Percy's Magic Greenhouse

Then we have Mr Percy’s Magic Greenhouse by Anthea Kemp. Mr Percy may look like a normal bloke but he has adventures beyond your wildest dreams inside his magic greenhouse. All he has to do is utter a few magic words and he is transported to a jungle with wild animals and exotic plants.

Pete the SheepFinally we have an Australian book which I bought for the children of friends that they adored. Pete the Sheep by Jackie French is about a sheep-shearer called Shaun. Shaun doesn’t have a sheep-dog like most shearers, he has a sheep-sheep named Pete. The two set up a barber shop for sheep that are sick and tired of being treated rudely and getting the same hair-do over and over.

The best part of being a friend to someone who has young kids is having the perfect excuse to plonk myself down in the picture book section and have a read. There are some great new books that I wish were around when I was young.


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    • They’re not big internationally but Possum Magic and Wombat Stew were huge hits here. The books so old now but kids are still reading them.

  1. Can I hug your books? The book covers look so cuddly. 😀 Ever since my addiction with Sugar Gliders, I’ve been curious with all the possums in Australia. Hahaha.

    It’s so good to see books that are popular in other countries.

    Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my blog.
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  2. Never heard of these books but they sound fun! I like finding new books from other countries, whether they’re for kids, teens or adults 🙂 Its a great way to learn about the culture of different countries if you can’t actually visit them!

    New follower via bloglovin!

    Tina @ Pagesofcomfort.blogspot.com
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    • To this day I cannot look at a copy of Spot the Dog without giggling – Dad made the characters South African, Irish, Russian and even Spanish depending on his mood.

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