Feature & Follow: #165 Bookshelf Tour

September 6, 2013 Feature & Follow 35 Comments

Feature & Follow: #165 Bookshelf Tour

Feature & Follow is hosted by TWO hosts, Parajunkee of Parajunkee’s View and Alison of Alison Can Read. Each host will have their own Feature Blog and this way it’ll allow us to show off more new blogs! Instead of a question this week, we have an activity…

Take us on a tour of your shelves

I have heaps of bookshelves so rather than taking photos of all of them, I thought I’d show off my favourite bookshelf and my classics one. At my mother’s place, my old bookshelf is built into a wall recess and stretches the length of the room and up to the ceiling. It is far more impressive than my paltry offerings today but I’m not driving an hour just to take a photo of it.

On the left is my favourites bookshelf. It looks a bit empty at the moment as I have just donated four bags worth of books to Prose for Cons. Books are organised alphabetically by author’s surname and then by their number in a series. I hate how uneven it looks with regular paperbacks next to trade paperbacks. 90% of the books are mysteries which is all I read before I got my eReader.  Classical literature is on the bottom shelf.

On the right is my classics bookshelf. I studied classics and ancient history back in uni and still have all my old prescribed texts. Primary source books are organised by time period e.g. Ancient Greece (Classical), Ancient Greece (Hellenistic), Ancient Rome (Republic), Ancient Rome (Empire), Medieval, Renaissance etc and then alphabetically. The same should go for the textbooks below but one of my friends decided to reorganise it just to mess with my head – it worked.





35 responses to “Feature & Follow: #165 Bookshelf Tour

    • I get that ‘I rock’ vibe too when I look at my bookshelves too because I’ve read all of them at least once. Some of my favourites I read easily two dozen times.

    • I assembled both bookshelves from flatpacks – I actually had to go out and buy a screwdriver set so I had the right tools for the job. The problem is that I keep wanting to add more and I don’t have the space.

    • Most of what I hear on the Gold Coast is Aussie bogan so your accent sounds exotic 🙂

      If I had my time over, I’d definitely do English studies as there are so many fascinating courses out there.

    • I couldn’t bear to part with these old friends even though I graduated nearly 10 years ago. It wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t have Suetonius, Caesar, Bede etc somewhere in the house.

  1. Very nice! A few years after I got married I had four huge bookcases completely full of books that I had read. A friend of my husband came to visit and looked over at them and my husband said “and she’s read ALL of them” in such a proud voice! My library has grown even more since them! Thanks for stopping by my FF and have a great weekend!
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  2. That’s a pretty amazing set of bookcases. My dream is to one day have a room full of books, and my sisters joke that all they’ll have to do is come to my place to find something to read.
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    • My mother’s wall shelf is pretty amazing as the guy who built it left her little nooks to stash tbr books and a big space at the bottom for oversized ones etc. 10 years later and still now bowing shelves.

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