Feature & Follow: #163 Book Selfie

August 23, 2013 Feature & Follow 14 Comments

Feature & Follow: #163 Book Selfie

Feature & Follow is hosted by TWO hosts, Parajunkee of Parajunkee’s View and Alison of Alison Can Read. Each host will have their own Feature Blog and this way it’ll allow us to show off more new blogs! Instead of a question this week we have…

Book selfie! Take a picture of you with your current read

Now I thought long and hard about this one – there’s me on one hand (boring human) versus not one kitten but two. Obviously the kittens won just like they do in real life. Bronte (left), Portia (right) and the book (bottom in case you hadn’t worked that out).

Book Blurb: Melbourne, the spring of 1923

When reporter Edward Bain is found dead in his office at The Argus newspaper, Eleanor Jones realises this is murder.

Eleanor, no longer a nurse, now writes film reviews for the newspaper, but she still knows the signs of violent death. She also knows the mark that war can leave on the living; her brother, Andrew, continues to face daily battles with shell-shock.

But instead of getting rest and quiet, Andrew’s out with glamorous clairvoyant, Nadine Carrides, on the streets of Melbourne – streets that are turning ugly as the police call a strike and the city fills with lawless crowds. Could this looting and chaos be a smokescreen behind which the killer is unleashing a more personal anger? As potential witnesses are attacked, Eleanor is drawn into the investigation, in an uneasy alliance with Inspector Pearce, a man who doesn’t believe in coincidences.

Then, an arrest is made for Bain’s murder, and it would seem that the mystery has been solved. But Eleanor is aware that many carry secrets – secret losses, secret desires – and that some people are fiercely protective of such secrets.

With events building to a dangerous conclusion at the Melbourne Cup ball, Eleanor will have to face events from her own past in order to bring a killer to justice.



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    • This is Morwood’s second novel – the first was “Death and the Spanish Lady” which was set during the Spanish influenza outbreak after WWI. If you like historical mysteries then this might just be your cup of tea.

    • It probably would have been easier to upload a selfie of me as the two kept shifting their poses. I literally had 15 different shots to choose from.

    • Thank you. If you have a black cat with a white heart on her it seems sacrilegious not to name her after the Queens of Goth, the Bronte sisters.

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