Booking Through Thursday: Summer Reading Redux

Booking Through Thursday: Summer Reading Redux

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme about (mostly) books and reading. Here is this week’s question:

Do your reading habits change in the summer? Do you take your books outside more? Do you curl up in the air conditioning? Do you read fluff instead of serious books? Are you too busy playing in the sun or gardening or whatever to read much at all?

This is not the easiest question to answer as I am in the middle of a bitterly cold winter at the moment. It may not be cold by other people’s standards but when the temperature drops below 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit), out comes the hot water bottle and thick socks.  Naturally I take refuge in reading and hot chocolate.

Rather than whinging about my current predicament, my task is to regale you with my reading habits in summer. Allow me to first set the scene. My summers are hot and humid. It isn’t the heat though that will get you but the humidity which gets up to around 98%. By 7am it is so humid you feel as if you are moving through sludge and your clothes cling to you. If you sit down for any length of time you will leave a damp spot of sweat in your wake. I realise that well bred young ladies do not sweat but glow. In summer, most of us could single-handedly light up the town with our glowing. I’ve never had an air-conditioner when I was living at home or renting. I would collapse into my favourite chair with a slow fan wafting hot air over me and wait for the afternoon storm which brought a temporary relief. My new place has one air-conditioner and I honestly feel uncomfortable about using it. It seems so decadent.

Summer reading must be light so that when heat induced fatigue takes over, you can close your eyes and drift off to sleep. Anything too taxing brings on a headache and further irritability. You need a bookmark so that when you stagger into kitchen for yet another cold glass of water, you don’t have to try to remember the page number – anything to minimise having to construct a coherent thought. A room with tiles is preferable to cool you down. Once when the temperature got above 42 degrees and I couldn’t muster up the energy to fight the crowds at the shopping centre, I took refuge in an empty bath. It was simply the coolest place in the flat to read. Sounds mad, doesn’t it? I can’t say it was the most comfortable of reading places but it worked.


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  1. I sit outside most afternoons to read during the summer. I live in the mountains and it generally doesn’t get too warm. Sitting in my chair under the shade of pines and spruces is something I love. What I read doesn’t change so much as the location. I stay inside by the fire during the cold months. 🙂

  2. I participate in an Instagram photo-a-day challenge run by a woman living in Australia, so I’ve seen plenty of references to winter lately, but somehow I always forget. North American ethnocentrism strikes again!

  3. Good question you posed. Yes, my reading habits change. I am outside more in the heat and doing more physical activities, so at night (my time to read is somewhere between after dinner to bedtime) I am more drowsy and sometimes fall asleep reading. Also I put off reading any heavy, intricately detailed novels, because I am afraid I wouldn’t be paying enough attention. 🙂

  4. In the summer, when I’m at home I like to read in the livingroom because there’s a big cozy sofa.and it’s near the water dispenser.
    Btw, your last paragraph could be a nice tips for summer reading 🙂

  5. wcs53

    I’d definitely be cranking up the air-conditioner. Once it gets close to 30C here I have to turn it on, but perhaps that may be because the record high where I grew up is 21C! I should add though, that we have a lot of lakes here which mean it’s almost always very humid too and I can’t handle the heat/humidity combo.

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