Booking Through Thursday: Neither a Borrower…

Booking Through Thursday: Neither a Borrower…

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme about (mostly) books and reading. Here is this week’s question:

I’ve asked before how you feel about lending your books. I’ve asked how you feel about libraries. But—how do you feel about borrowing books from friends? Is this something you like to do? Does it make you feel uncomfortable or rushed while reading? Does it affect how you feel about the book you’re reading, pressured into liking it?

I really don’t like borrowing books from friends as I’m always afraid something drastic will happen to them (the books not the friends). Case in point – a few months ago my kittens flooded my garage by swinging on and chewing the tube that connected the washing machine to the tap. If two little creatures can wreck that kind of havoc just for fun, imagine what I could do as a human being possessing most of my faculties.

I also hate watching their faces light up when they see me, thinking I have already read the book. I pick genres according to my mood or the weather so it might take me a while to get around to reading said book. I once forgot I borrowed a book from a friend and after reading it, offered to lend them my their copy. Oops.

I absolutely love book recommendations though as I can chuck the books on my TBR wish list and enjoy them at my leisure. My best friends’ reading habits and mine are fairly similar so if one of them tells me to read something, I know I’m in for a treat. What’s even better is that they often pinpoint what it was that made the book ‘rock’ such as characterisation, relationships, setting, plot, style or themes.  I trust their judgement more than the average rating of a book on somewhere like Amazon, simply because we’ve been trading book titles for some time.


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