Booking Through Thursday: Childhood vs Adult

Booking Through Thursday: Childhood vs Adult

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme about (mostly) books and reading.

Have your reading habits changed since you were a child? (I mean, I’m assuming you have less time to read now, but …) Did you devour and absorb books when you were 10 and only just lightly read them now? Did you re-read frequently as a child but now only read new books? How about types of books? Do you find yourself still attracted to the kinds of books you read when you were a kid? 

I’ve been looking around for a weekly feature/meme thing to embrace so I’m not just posting reviews and I stumbled across Booking Through Thursday. Now I know that I’m four days late answering my first one which is not ideal – I probably wouldn’t even qualify for a ‘congratulations for trying’ award – but I wanted to answer it. Here goes nothing…

When I was young I devoured books. My parents took me to the library every Friday to pick up new books and you could literally sit me in a corner of a room with a stack of books and leave me for hours. I got hooked fairly early on to Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden mysteries and from there migrated to Agatha Christie. It was a simple leap to read other classic mystery writers such as Patricia Wentworth, Ngaio Marsh and Dorothy L. Sayers (even if I didn’t understand what the heck her characters were saying in French). Cozy mysteries allowed me to stretch my little brain and figure out whodunit in a relatively gore-free environment. I branched out a little and got stuck on historical mysteries. I still love a good mystery but I can’t read as many light and fluffy ones in a row like I used to.

I only started reading urban fantasy, romance novels – contemporary, historical and paranormal in 2012. I had started my Master’s degree and in my first unit I had the option of writing about vampires. Who could resist? Naturally I’d watched Buffy and Angel and read Dracula. All I needed was to do a bit of research. My first vampire novel was the Black Dagger Brotherhood’s Dark Lover. I was equal parts amused and captivated. I know people take these books very seriously but I honestly thought it was a satire when I first read it. My next forays into the paranormal world were the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost and the GhostWalker series by Christine Feehan. Things spiralled out of control from there and before I knew it, I had read 337 books in 2012. Wow.

I’m definitely starting to be pickier than I was as a child and critique what I did and didn’t like about a book rather than just reading one because I needed a book to pass the time. I try and savour them too. I’ll often read great books three or four times just to uncover a new element that I had previously missed or reaffirm why Mr Darcy is still the greatest hero ever.


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