Heads Up: New wardrobe for Cassandra Clare fans

July 11, 2013 Heads Up 2 Comments

Heads Up: New wardrobe for Cassandra Clare fans

Cassandra Clare fans have lots to cheer about as not only are they are getting a movie in a little over a month, they can now buy clothing inspired by the novels. Hot Topic have partnered with Sony to create a “Mortal Instruments” clothing range. You can find out more about it here or on the official Facebook page here. Not really my cup of tea but yay them I guess for finding a new way to capitalise on the brand.


2 responses to “Heads Up: New wardrobe for Cassandra Clare fans

  1. Liz

    This rubs me the wrong way. I hope the author isn’t encouraging this. It feels like she’s milking her fans…first with continuing the Mortal Instruments long after they were suppose to finished and now a clothing line? Its suppose to be about your love for writing not your love for money that drives you to create more in your fictional universe.

  2. I guess when you have a hit series on your hands there is a lot of pressure to keep going. Re the clothing line, I imagine her involvement would depend on her contract. If she had signed away certain rights then Sony can literally do whatever they want without consulting her and she would be expected to play along.

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