Heads Up: Kobo Aura & Sony PRS-T3 Reviews

September 9, 2013 Heads Up 4 Comments

Heads Up: Kobo Aura & Sony PRS-T3 Reviews

I’ve been keeping an eye on the reviews for the Sony PRS-T3 and the Kobo Aura (6″ not HD) as both are supposed to be released this week. I want an eReader where I can use epubs and am not locked into one company. The Sony was supposed to launch today in Australia but I can’t find anyone actually selling it yet. According to Kobo’s website, they are shipping the Aura from the 11th of Sept with it being on sale normally from the 16th. I found three reviews though that might interest people on YouTube:

Kobo Aura Review

Sony PRS-T3 Review

Kobo Aura versus Sony PRS-T3

At the moment the Kobo is looking like the better option in terms of features for me even though it is a bit more expensive. I won’t know though until I actually get to hold them. Is anyone else hanging out for one of these?

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4 responses to “Heads Up: Kobo Aura & Sony PRS-T3 Reviews

  1. I have the Kobo Aura HD, it replaced my old Kobo Touch (which got passed down to my 7-year-old son) and I love it. You’re not locked into one company at all. Personally, I like the larger screen size of the HD because it also displays PDF files beautifully, as well as epub files.

    You can also use calibre to manage your ebook library, and as long as files aren’t DRM-locked, you can convert files to epub (or anything else, really) to make it easier. PDF to epub conversion is shoddy, but it works.
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    • That is really helpful. Sometimes I think the big tech sites that do reviews don’t ordinarily use ereaders so they emphasise stats rather than spending a decent amount of time actually putting it through its paces.

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