Heads Up: Gollanz publishes Ben Aaronovitch chapter

July 7, 2013 Heads Up 0 Comments

Heads Up: Gollanz publishes Ben Aaronovitch chapter

Gollanz has published chapter one of Ben Aaronovitch’s first novel Rivers of London aka Midnight Riot. They are promising to post a chapter from each week from one of his novels. If you weren’t quite sure if this series was for you, then check out the chapter here. The latest novel Broken Homes is out 25 July 2013.

Rivers of London/Midnight Riot blurb:
Constable Peter Grant sees “corporally challenged” ghosts, and learns werelight and fireballs from new boss, DCI Nightingale. They investigate killers whose faces, misshapen by “dissimulo” spells, fall to bits. Pretty Leslie Adams helps from the Murder Team. Nigerian Mama Thames, threatened by Old Man River, sends along lusty river sprite Beverley Brook.

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