Heads Up: Bookblogging.net is now live

December 1, 2013 Heads Up 3 Comments

Heads Up: Bookblogging.net is now live

Ashley of CreativeWhim and NoseGraze has been developing a new book blogging directory Bookblogging.net and it has recently gone live. What makes this directory different? It is user-friendly, easily edited in real time and you can search for blogs via multiple tags. In the space of three days 279 blogs have been added which is phenomenal. 

The tagging system works well for a multi-genre book blog like mine. Other directories I’ve seen have been a bit of a pain as often you had select one genre that summed up your blog. I review romance, urban fantasy, mystery and steampunk which are fairly distinct and different. Granted the last two are minors rather than majors but it is jolly hard working out what angle to take and who to attract. At Bookblogging.net you can tag your blog with a variety of keywords that can include your genre, memes, reviewing style. I used 13 keywords which now I think about it is rather ominous.

The other thing I especially like is that I am responsible for editing and maintaining my own blog description rather than some nameless soul who is probably maintaining the directory (or part thereof) in their spare time. Any changes I make are instantaneous. If you are looking for Backchatting Books’ entry, you’ll find it here.

So the only question to ask yourself is…are you part of Bookblogging.net yet? If not, why not?


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