Read It, Bead It: Zodiac Charm Bracelet

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Read It, Bead It: Zodiac Charm Bracelet

Inspired by: Martha C. Lawrence’s Murder in Scorpio which I first read sixteen years ago and keep coming back to. My colour choices reflect the cover.

Notes: I found my zodiac animal charms on eBay listed under loom charms. You should also be able to find them on Etsy. Just make sure that you are buying the entire set of animals and not twelve of the same charm as many sellers don’t do the mix. I did a similar bracelet using Chinese zodiac animals and Swarovski pearls which looked pretty cool as well.

Other ideas:
–  You could plump up the bracelet with even more crystals or different sized beads

Techniques you need to know:
– How to form a loop
– How to open and close a link


Bracelet Instructions 

You will need:
–  34 x 6mm blue toned crystals
–  12 x silver zodiac animals (I bought mine off eBay)
–  12 x 4mm jump rings
–  34 x head pins
–  1 x small toggle clasp
–  6 1/2-7 inches of silver chain (more or less depending on how big your wrist is)
–  two types of pliers e.g. chain nose, round nose (for opening and closing links)

All you do is…
1.  Lay your zodiac animal charms out in order for easy access, making sure they all face one direction. Aries (ram), Taurus (bull), Gemini (twins), Cancer (crab), Leo (lion), Virgo (virgin), Libra (scales), Scorpio (scorpion), Sagittarius (centaur), Capricorn (sea-goat), Aquarius (water jug) and Pisces (fish).
2.  Attach a jump ring to every charm and while the jump rings are open, attach them to a link. I left four empty links on each side of my chain and then one link in between each charm. The gap you leave will depend on the size of your links and the width of your wrist. You need to ensure you leave a few links empty on either side so that you can push the toggle through the clasp properly. This is important – every charm should be on the same side of the chain so that the bracelet will sit properly.
3.  Thread a bead onto a headpin and form a loop. Cut off the excess. Repeat 33 times – this gets really boring so I did it while watching tv.
4.  Open the loops by twisting it to one side and then attach two crystals per empty link in between the charms before closing the loops again. I attached one crystal to one side of the chain and the other to the opposite side. I then added extra pairs of crystals to each end. I’d only done 32 crystals when I took the photo as I was seriously fed up of threading beads onto headpins and making loops.
5.  Attach the toggle components to each end of the bracelet.
6.  Check that you have the right size for your wrist and adjust if necessary.

Murder in Scorpio


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