Read It, Bead It: Tsunami Necklace

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Read It, Bead It: Tsunami Necklace

Inspired by: Christine Feehan’s Water Bound. Rikki rescues Lev when they get swept up in a tsunami which is described as “a solid wall of water rising up out of the sea like a monstrous tsunami, a wave beyond anything she had witnessed”.

My Review: Water Bound by Christine Feehan

Notes: You might be tempted to put in more lampwork beads but make sure you can handle the weight first as they are pretty heavy. I originally wanted seven but it was too much for my neck.

I wanted to play around with textures a lot more as that was something that affected Rikki. The problem was that the lampwork beads dominated everything I put them up against and the more I did, the worse they looked. I finally settled on small spacer beads with ridges in them which complimented rather than fought the lampwork beads.

Other ideas:
–  You could double up the chain to make it bulkier
–  You could thread ribbon through the chain (if it had wider links) to make the connection to the wave stronger

Techniques you need to know:
– How to open and close a link
– How to attach a crimp bead


Necklace Instructions 

You will need:
–  5 x 20mm blue lampwork beads with swirls
–  6 x 6mm silver spacer beads
–  2 x crimp beads
–  1 x large toggle clasp
–  2 x 5 1/2 inches of silver chain
–  9 inches of tiger tail
–  2 x jump rings
–  Wire cutters
–  two types of pliers e.g. chain nose, round nose (for opening and closing links)

All you do is…
1.  Lay your lampwork beads and spacer beads out for easy access.
2.  Slide a crimp bead onto your tiger tail, loop it around a jump ring and back through the crimp bead. Don’t crimp it just yet though.
3.  String on a spacer bead followed by a lampwork bead making sure that your tiger tail end is tucked into the beads as you go. Repeat until you use up all beads.
4.  Slide on a crimp bead at the end, loop it around the second jump ring and back through the crimp bead. Make sure the tiger tail is tucked into the beads nearby.
5.  Check to make sure you are happy with the stringing and then crimp both beads to secure the tiger tail in place.
6.  Open a link at an end of one of your chains and attach it to one jump ring. Close the link.
7.  Open the link at the other end of the chain and attach one half of the toggle. Close the link.
8.  Repeat STEPS 7 and 8 for the other side of the necklace.


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