Read It, Bead It: The End is Nigh Earrings

January 3, 2016 Read It, Bead It 4 Comments

Read It, Bead It: The End is Nigh Earrings

Inspired by: Ari from Armageddon Rules by J. C. Nelson because she’s a princess with attitude and the bead ends look a little like crowns. There is a moment where she wears a pink frilly tracksuit “like a cone of shame” which gave me the idea in the first place.

Notes: Bead ends are supposed to be used to hold multiple strands of beads together or to avoid ugly finishes. I don’t play by the rules though and figured this would work better.

Other ideas:
–  You could hang a bead from the other end of the bead end so it would look like an ice-cream cone
–  You could add in some wings or something rectangular to make it look like a little person or angel

Techniques you need to know:
– How to open and close a loop
– How to create a loop using a headpin

End is Nigh

Earring Instructions 

You will need:
–  2 x 40mm filigree cone bead ends (also called bead caps)
–  2 x earring hooks
–  2 x beads (I used 8mm jasper ones)
–  2 x headpins
–  two types of pliers e.g. chain nose, round nose (for opening and closing links)

All you do is…
1.  Lay everything out for easy access.
2.  Push a headpin through the big opening of the bead end.
3.  Add a bead.
4.  Create a loop just above the bead but don’t close it fully yet.
5.  Add the base of the earring hook to the loop.
6.  Close the loop and tidy up your work. The bead end should swing easily.
8.  Repeat to make the other earring.


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