Where’s the Weres?

Where’s the Weres?

I know, I hear you Team Fur. Unfortunately I have been struck down by one of the most insidious viruses known to mankind – no I haven’t been bitten by a lycan or a vamp nor do I have the insatiable desire to eat brains. Can you guess? I have been laid low with the common cold. The only thing more pathetic than me with a cold is me with a cold AND a hacking cough. Ugh. I’ve decided to dedicate my posts to weres from now until I get better, shuffle off this mortal coil or get bored. Why? Well, because they can cure most of their ailments by shifting and I’m jealous. Really jealous. I’ve decided to track my progress so I can feel some sense of accomplishment. The list is huge and it will take some time to get through. These are my current plans:

  • Gail Carriger’s series – Soulless, Changeless, BlamelessHeartless and Timeless
  • Kate SeRine’s series – Red and The Better to See You
  • Molly Harper’s series – How to Flirt With a Naked Werewolf, The Art of Seducing a Naked Werewolf
  • Carrie Vaughn’s series – Kitty and the Midnight Hour, Kitty Goes to Washington,  Kitty Takes a Holiday and Kitty and the Silver Bullet (swapped for Ashlyn Chase – Flirting Under a Full Moon)
  • Vicki Lewis Thompson’s series – A Werewolf in Manhattan, Werewolf in the North Woods, Werewolf in Seattle and Werewolf in Denver 
  • Kelly Armstrong’s series – Bitten
  • Jacqueline M. Battisti – Guardian of Bastet (swapped for Terry Spear – A Howl for a Highlander)
  • Cecy Robson’s series – Sealed with a Curse and The Weird Girls
  • Moira Rogers’s series – Crux and Crossroads
  • Jessica Sims’ series – Beauty Dates the Beast and Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter

So far 1 box of tissues was harmed when writing and posting these reviews.

EDIT: I’m halting things here after a week of were reviews as the ones remaining have been out for a little while and I want to review something a bit more current. The Parasol Protectorate series will still be finished though so don’t stress.

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