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I was looking at my reviews and noticed that the urban fantasy category wasn’t getting much attention from me. The blog has been going for 10 days now and I’ve only done 1 UF review which is a bit tragic considering it’s one of my favourites. I did a university course last year on folk and fantasy literature and picked vampires as my assignment topic. From there I veered into urban fantasy properly and paranormal mystery & romance. I’ve decided to dedicate my weekend to all things urban fantasy and share a little of the love. I’ve just posted a review for My Life as a White Trash Zombie as it seemed like a great way to kick start things.

Urban fantasy can be a little tricky to define as it can contain paranormal mystery and romance elements. The way I see it, the book needs to have a supernatural aspect, be set in a city and still be effective as a story if the romantic bits were removed.


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