One Year Blogiversary

March 30, 2014 Blog Business 16 Comments

One Year Blogiversary

This is the tale of the little blog that could. I started with a vague idea of waxing lyrical about books that excited and entertained me and explaining what irked me about the rest. I naively thought that running a blog wouldn’t be that hard as I had lots of opinions to share but fairly quickly learned my lesson.

Blogging regularly is hard but it is incredibly rewarding. I have been drifting in and out over the last month as I have had my computer monitor bite the dust in a terrific display of blue light, a loud noise and smoke, surgery which was fairly minor in the grand scheme of things but left me in intense pain for a few weeks and a crazy work schedule. I’ve kept on truckin’ though because this little corner of the interweb is worth it.

I’ve come to the fairly momentous conclusion that when life gets hard, it’s time to blog. I have one month of daily reviews planned from 30 March to 30 April. That is a grand total of 31 reviews in a month. I might just die a little trying but I think it will be pretty awesome if I can pull it off.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me turn ‘I think I can’ into ‘I know I can do this’ and all the lovely people that leave comments on the blog.

Let me hit you with some reviewing stats:

– 37 Contemporary Romance reviews
– 13 Cozy Mystery reviews
– 2 Detective Mystery reviews
– 2 Historical Mystery reviews
– 28 Historical Romance reviews
– 20 Paranormal Mystery reviews
– 48 Paranormal Romance reviews
– 22 Romantic Suspense reviews
– 19 Steampunk reviews
– 3 Thriller reviews
– 39 Urban Fantasy reviews

Grand total of 233 reviews in just over a year. 23 of those buttered my parsnips and were given 5 star ratings while 7 failed to impress and got 1 stars. I’m pretty chuffed with that as the majority of the books I have read and reviewed have come from fellow bloggers’ recommendations.


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