New Blog Design

October 9, 2013 Blog Business 10 Comments

New Blog Design

I’ve been a little unhappy with the look of the blog ever since I got the TweakMe theme from CreativeWhim. What I had was so basic, it seemed like an insult to the versatility of the theme. I’m not a Photoshop fiend so messing around with brushes and colour schemes for the banner took ages. The design you see has my mother’s seal of approval so I’m happy.

If you are thinking of changing up your colour scheme you might like to check out Color CombosΒ or Color Hexa. With the former, you can select ‘green’ for example and it will give you a stack of palette options. Here is the one I ended up with:



Color Hexa on the other hand is good if you have the hex colour you are interested in e.g. D12F31. It can give you the hex numbers of tints, tones, similar colours and colour palettes. I liked the palettes on Color Combos better though as they gave more colour options.


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    • Thank you. I was either going to go with this style or beachy but light and chilled didn’t match urban fantasy so I abandoned that idea pretty smartly.

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