D’oh! moment

August 26, 2013 Blog Business 4 Comments

I signed up for Google Analytics to measure my site traffic. Today when I logged on I saw someone else online at the same time behaving suspiciously. My internal conversation went something like this:

“Cool, someone else is on from the same area as me.  I wonder who they are? They’re even checking out the same pages as me. This is awesome! Wait a minute…I’m checking out the In Uniform Challenge and they are too…huh, they were on the page for the exact same time as me…this is weird, now they’re on an old post just like me. Creepy. Stop following me evil twin person thingy.”

Whenever a crisis erupts in my life I call my mother. I know that even if she can’t help me, she’ll at least get a good laugh.

“Mum, an evil twin person thingy from the same place as me is following me on my blog and I don’t know how to stop them. It’s like they anticipate my every move. Everywhere I go they follow me at the exact same time. It’s as if they are me…”


I’d forgotten to exclude my IP address from Google Analytics and was actually tracking myself.


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