6 Month Blogiversary

October 30, 2013 Blog Business 12 Comments

6 Month Blogiversary

Today is the six month blogiversary of Backchatting Books. On 30 April I took the plunge and registered a free WordPress account. Ironically it took me four hours to work out what to call the blog – it seriously could have been Viliaville or Book Review Site Thingy – and only about 20 mins to get the first incarnation of the site up. Since then I have moved to self-hosting, gained a few followers and published romance, urban fantasy, steampunk & mystery reviews.

I wish I had a phenomenal story about why I started blogging but it was a combination of a few things. I read some reviews on Goodreads that completely contradicted my impression of the books and it made me think about how I would review the book if I had a chance. The uni course I was doing at the time had me reading journal articles on the importance of digital learning and the impact of blogging.  These things swirled around in my mind for a few days before I started researching WordPress and Blogger. I asked my mother if she honestly thought I could do it and she replied ‘you can do anything’. Thus Backchatting Books was born.

Sites Stats

– I’ve posted 175 book reviews (mostly paranormal romance & urban fantasy)
– I’ve gone through 3 site redesigns and finally have one I’m happy with
– I’ve participated in 46 memes
– I’ve been visited by people in 61 different countries
– I’ve joined NetGalley and reviewed 20 books (5 more to come before Christmas)
– I’ve started sidling into book tours (thank you Xpresso Book Tours)
– I’ve learned how to use Facebook, Twitter and Google Analytics (let’s forget the little blip where my evil twin was stalking me)
– I’ve only mentioned chocolate 7 times (this makes 8)


In the next six months I really want to grow the site a bit more and get into more book tours. I think I need to begin to tackle SEO just so people who might be interested in my content can find the blog easily.

I’ve have to get better at juggling full time work, part time study (Masters degree) and the blog as I get exhausted easily.


Thank you to everyone who follows the blog or makes time to stop by and see what I’m up to. I really treasure people’s comments as I know how busy people get. I have been lucky and ‘met’ some very lovely bloggers along the way.


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    • nom nom nom 🙂
      If you ever decide to take the plunge and don’t want the hassle of actually transferring stuff, Ashley at CreativeWhim or Carmel at Rabid Reads are willing to do the move for you for a small fee.

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